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Charles Gates Racing


Coming from a Specialist background in the Porsche and Volkswagen Audi group I was given the opportunity to build and drive some serious cars. This quickly made me realise this is where my passion lies.

Since then I have gained a great deal of experience and learnt a huge amount about the motorsport world. Having always been interested in cars from a young age the motorsport side of things is where I wanted to be. I love the variety of cars and what they can achieve with the right components and set up.

CGR – Enhancing the performance for Track, Race and Road cars from upgrades to re builds

Our real passion is the building, preparation and maintenance of track, race and fast road cars. Having built a number of cars that track day and race across Europe we strive to be creative and achieve what is asked of us in a cost effective and timely manner.

If you are looking for a full build to race in a specific series or want to get the best performance out of your road car we are here to help. We can carry out pre track day inspections to make sure everything is tight and set correctly and to ensure fluid and pressure levels are correct.

Suspension Tuning

Our extensive knowledge of suspension tuning means we can advise you on what components will need upgrading and how to set them up to achieve the best results. Some race series regulations only allow certain suspension and steering upgrades, this is where the set up can give you the edge over your competitors.

We have the facilities to corner weight and set the geometry for your car for a road or race application.


The most important factor when preparing a car. We can install all safety equipment to meet MSA (blue book) regulations, this includes roll cage installation, seat and harness installation, fire extinguishers and electrical cut off isolators and many more.

Track and Race Prep

Pre race or track day checks are essential when using these cars on circuit. Ensuring the pressures, fluids, nuts and bolts are all correct is not only so you can get the best out of your vehicle but also to aid reliability and more importantly safety.

Track support

We offer a track support service . This includes transporting and preparing your car for you during track or race days or simply turn up on race day and set up/carry out any necessary repairs. We can also advise on car set up dependant on track conditions.


Often gets overlooked in track vehicles due to the lack of mileage covered. However regular inspections and fluid changes are crucial to keep your vehicle performing at optimum efficiency and any faults rectified.


Engine tuning, Suspension tuning, Brake upgrades, Transmission upgrades, Weight reduction we do it all. Give us a call to talk about any performance/tuning upgrades you are considering.

Custom builds & Restorations

We offer a restoration & custom builds service which will always start with an in house inspection. Working together we can create the dream car you have always wanted! Another passion of mine is bringing cars back to their former glory and we understand the importance of doing this in the correct manner.

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